Photography crepe, a difficult subject to shoot

It is my first time to photography crepe. I was already expect some potential difficulty before the shooting. I ate these kind of Japanese style crepe before, I know they are delicate. It is hard to keep the shape. I tried shooting it on the stand and from top town angle. But it look kind weird.…


photoshoot for vrill food company

I did this food photoshoot for a new food company called Vrill last year December. http://www.vrillfood.com/ After 2-3 months preparation, they have successfully launched their food product and started selling them at many supermarkets in New York. I am so excited to be able to share my works now. Seeing client’s business is booming is the biggest rewarding…


Food testing

One of my friend started learning cuisine. So I went to her house doing some photography test. We only did two food. She was happy with the result. We are expecting to collaborate more in the future.

I need an agency

I have been in photography industry for a while now. At beginning I think a professional photographer is all about taking photo. If I can have great skill, I can make money. But now I no longer think this way. I would say business part is about at least 30% or even more. It is…


Taiwanese burger

I think it is my first time trying dark color background. My usual mind set when come to food photography is shooting with bright sunny day theme. I think that is what people associated with food. However this time the client request dark color background in order to emphasis on the food. I think the…