April 6, 2023

What does a 'viewpoint' mean in photography?

A viewpoint in photography is the angle from which a photographer takes a photograph. It is the perspective of the photographer, the direction from which the shot is taken. By adjusting the viewpoint, photographers can create a different atmosphere, mood and story in each image. The viewpoint can range from low and close to the ground to high in the sky, or from straight on to looking up or down. It can also involve moving around or changing the subject. Using different viewpoints can help create unique and captivating images that tell a story and draw in the viewer.

March 27, 2023

What types of photography should I use a ultra prime lens on?

A ultra prime lens is an excellent choice for a variety of photography applications. It is designed to provide superior image quality and can be used for a range of genres such as portrait, landscape, street, and architectural photography. Ultra prime lenses are particularly well-suited to low-light photography, as they have a wide aperture which makes them ideal for capturing light in dark environments. They are also great for capturing details in close-up shots, as their large focal length allows for a greater depth of field. In short, an ultra prime lens is perfect for capturing stunning images in a variety of different scenarios.